Wrecking Faces Since 1999

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Humble Beginnings

The Birth of a Community

Disposable Heroes begins its story in 1999 as a gaming group of close friends playing on Everquest – Rallos Zek. As our number grew an idea was formed and a community war born. Soon Disposable Heroes was the official MMO branch of the Herocraft/Disposable Heroes gaming community. In 2004 DH started our World of Warcraft chapter and cemented its place in the global gaming community. DH officially was the 13th in the world to kill Onyxia, the 2nd in the world to down Lord Kazzak (BC), opened the gates of AQ40, and secured numerous server firsts. Since WoW, Disposable Heroes has moved on to many more MMORPG’s including ArcheAge and Black Desert Online. The HC/DH gaming community also hosts Herocraft Online, an award winning Minecraft server that has been an honored guest at MineCon. DH includes a thriving Steam Community and hosts private servers for many of the games found there.

Black Desert Online

Turning a New Chapter

Disposable Heroes began our Black Desert chapter with a small group of core members scouting out the game during the 96 hr pre-release. We quickly became excited with all the possibilities that the game held. After formally starting the chapter, we now are proud to proclaim our place in the Orwen server. 

Gaming Philosophy 

Disposable Heroes is a PvX guild. PvX translates to “player vs everything” and means that we intend to experience as much in-game content as possible. Our philosophy is that Black Desert is not a game where one can only focus on a single aspect if they want to maximize their potential and be the most efficient with their efforts. Since day 1 we have had members on the ranking boards for life skills and will continue to do so for as long as we are a part of the Black Desert community. DH has a daily guild mission quota and is a presence at world and field bosses. We are node owners and will continue to ambitiously pursue highly contested regions. 

"DH is a firm believer in maintaining an ethical and friendly play style while giving our all to win"


DH is actively recruiting players lvl 50+. While we have a minimum gear score, we want to work with players to reach and exceed that level. New recruits with lower scores can be given grace periods where the guild will with help you improve your gear in every way we can. Contact an officer in game if you are interested in joining the DH community.